Why Doctor Alicia Sigler?

25 years of experience and more than 2000 succesfully perfomed surgeries make her one of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico.  

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How Afforable It Is?

The low cost of living in Mexico and the proximity to USA translate into unexpensive prices compared to those of the USA represeting a saving of over 30% of the surgery if performed in USA and all of this without risking quality.  


The Trends of Plastic Surgery Mexico

Plastic Surgery Mexico has become the first destination for medical tourism and plastic surgery and this is why:

  • Undoubtedly the excellent sense of beauty and affordable costs.The rapid growth of Medical tourism has allowed Mexico becoming the first destination of American Tourists worldwide.
Here you have more reasons:
  • High quality medical procedures at lower cost.
  • High quality service and specialized professionals.
  • A wide variety of procedures and treatments.
  • And of course: Cutting aged infrastructure.

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Success Stories

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Alicia Sigler, MD
RealSelf Patient Reviews of Alicia Sigler, MD

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