Why Doctor Alicia Sigler?

25 years of experience and more than 2000 succesfully perfomed surgeries make her one of the best plastic and re-costructive surgeons in mexico, do you want to know more about her?  

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The Trends of Plastic Surgery Mexico

Plastic Surgery Mexico has become a trend in medical tourism Specially from United States and Canada. Plastic surgery Mexico provides various benefits for foreigners mainly for the location , the warm service and the low cost . Medical tourism has increased hugely in the last decade and the main reason is plastic surgery. This has create a great market with high custumer level services and astonish results and the better part is at a very low price compared with the one in other countries. This has allowed economic growth ending up in better infrastructures with better attention to patients traveling from another country to Mexico. Plastic surgery Mexico has transformed many lifes achieving dreams at an unbelievable low cost and perfect results. The Plastic Surgery Mexico is composed not only by plastic surgeons , but also provide service hotels , recovery houses, private transportation, restaurants, pharmacies, among others. Consider it. Plastic surgery Mexico is regulated by the association AMCPER , please contact them to verify the surgeons` credentials that you are considering for your plastic surgery . quality service is the best experience you can obtain. Make sure the surgeon you choose is worry about your needs , performs all the questions that you consider necessary for your plastic surgery Mexico.

Success Stories

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Alicia Sigler, MD RealSelf Patient Reviews of Alicia Sigler, MD
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Read about the city Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana, a city in Baja California which is adjacent to the U.S. border. Also called “the corner of Mexico,” Tijuana is waiting for you to travel through its streets and submerge yourself in its multifaceted and vibrant culture. The eclectic style of this city will hypnotize you with its walls converted into street art expositions, its old marketplaces taken over by independent plastic artists, its historic buildings and its monumental arch, an architectural icon within its avant-garde style. Know more here