Botox or Restylane? For Eyes, Front, Lips or Smile Zone

More and more women (and men ) who come to the surgeon wanting to look better. And more and more , too,  prefer a minimally invasive treatment and not exposed to the rigors of surgery and scalpel .

Botox For Eyes, Front or Smile Zone

BOTOX® is the trademark registered Botulinum Toxin Type A most studied and most widely used worldwide. Botulinum Toxin Type A is a protein that temporarily relaxes the muscle where it applies attenuating wrinkles those formed with the face moving.  Whenever we express ourselves , we laugh or cry , the muscles of the face contract and , with the passage of time , the activity of these muscles causes wrinkles like frown lines the eyebrows and crow's feet , among others.


Injectables like Restylane For Increase lip volume.

The full lips are sensual . A pretty smile is very attractive.

The nfiltrations with injectable fillers for lips stuffing, infiltration with fillers to get more volume in the lips is a very popular aesthetic intervention .

Price of injectable fillers for fuller lips some patients need more filler in certain areas , while others need less. For that reason the cost depends on the number of injections or the product units used .

Beautify lips and smile can make a significant improvement of its image. In the event that you undergo this treatment , it is important to be well informed about the method and the results you can expect,

It is therefore essential consultation with the doctor , in which all these issues will be addressed.[custom_button color="color, dark or light" size="small, medium or large" link="" target=""]Ask Your Questions Here[/custom_button]