Price list-Plastic Surgery Cost

Price list-Plastic Surgery Cost

*All procedures are with this packet
– The Surgical Procedure
– Anesthetist fees and all medical team fees
– Implants (in the case u need it)
– Stay in Hospital (view facilities)
– All the Post-operative Consultations
– Bilingual Assistant

Costs vary widely and depend on the complexity of the procedure, where the surgery takes place, and which anesthetic is administered. Please feel free to ask a personalized quote here

 Blepharoplasty (eye lid)  upper and lower under sedation or general anesthesia

1,800 US Dlls

 Blepharoplasty  upper and lower under local anesthesia 1,500 US Dlls

 Blepharoplasty upper or lower under sedation or general anesthesia 1,500 US Dlls

 Facelift (forehead, cheeks and neck) including blepharoplasty:  7,000 US Dlls

 Facelift (forehead, cheeks and neck with no blepharoplasty):  6,500 US Dlls

 Facelift (cheeks and neck):  4,500 US Dlls

 Facelift (cheeks, neck and blepharoplasty):  5,000 US Dlls

 Rinoplasty  2,500 US Dlls

 Rinoplasty with septumplasty:  3,500 US Dlls

 Lip lift under sedation or general anesthesia: 1,800 US Dlls

 Chin implant:  2,000 US Dlls

 Cheek implants:  2,500 US Dlls

 Chin advancement with osteotomy:  3,000 US Dlls

 Chin bone reshaping:  2,000 US Dlls

 Breast augmentation with silicon gel implants:  3,800 US Dlls

 Breat lift with implants:  4,300 US Dlls

 Breast reduction:  4,300 US Dlls

 Breast lift and tummy tuck (mommy makeover):  6,500 US Dlls

 Breast lift and tummy tuck (mommy makeover) with implants: 7,000 Dlls

 Liposuction one area:  1,900 US Dlls

 Liposuction 2 areas:  2,800 US Dlls

 Liposuction 3 areas:  3, 500 US Dlls

 Gluteal or Butt implants:  3,800 US Dlls

 Brazilian Butt lift or lipoinjection or fat transfer to gluteal area or buttocks (with 3

areas liposuction):  4,300 US Dlls