Why mexico?

Reasons that make Mexico a wonderful place to have a plastic surgery

1.– Experience:

After obtaining their graduate degrees, and respective specializations, many of them attend foreign conferences and keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their fields which make languages not being a barrier developing great competences to communicate with patients. Also, most Mexican doctors treat a larger number of patients as compared to their American counterparts, which gives them the benefit of additional experience.

2. – Affordable costs:

Surgeries performed in Mexico are very inexpensive compared to surgeries made in USA.
The low cost of living in the country translate into low costs of benefits in medical services, accommodation, medicine, meals and travel arrangements without sacrificing quality, in addition consensus between Goverment and Surgeons lower the prics to even a fraction of the original costs making Mexico the second lager host of medical tourism worldwide.


3. – Infrastructure:

The hospitals in Mexico are well-known for their excellent infrastructure, which is reflected in their cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment, ultra-modern labs, and well-equipped patient rooms. Many among these hospitals have received Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, which serves as an evidence to the high standard of treatment and patient care. These healthcare centers are stringent about adherence to international norms of sterilization for ensuring the safety of all patients prior to, during, and after the surgery.

3.- Proximity

After having a surgery the distance to return home is key to have in account. Mexico eliminates the strains of an uncomfortable journey having a better chance for recovery and being at home faster. An added advantage of traveling to a neighboring country also means limited transportation expenditure and lesser communication barriers.